A Pilgrimage to Jordan — “The Other Holy Land”

Iraq al Amir Mar Elias: Birthplace of Elijah the Prophet part of Petra. Old Roman City Jabal al Q'ala Amman Citadel Ajloun Castle
While the vast majority of Pilgrims and Tour Operators focus on Israel as a destination, there are many appealing places in Jordan for the pilgrim. Most are attractive day-trips from Amman, and some can be “bundled” into a single day’s journey.
Mar Elias

Birthplace of Elijah the Prophet.

Machaerus – MukawirJ

Site of Herod’s Palace where John the Baptist was murdered.

Mount Nebo

Veneration Spot for Moses’ final resting place.


Beyond Jordan Where John baptized Jesus, Where Elijah ascended.


Site of a Christian community from the mid-First Century.

Amman, Citadel

Citadel Site of the death of Uriah the Hittite, planned by King David.

Iraq al-Amir

Family Residence of the Tobia Family (from the Bible) built as a small replica of the Jerusalem Temple. Site of an ancient Jewish community.


A city of ancient Byzantine Churches, one holding the most ancient map of Jerusalem.

Umm Qais (Gadara), Jerash (Gerasa), Pella, Umm al-Jimal, Um al-Rasas

All Roman cities abandoned in antiquity, all with early Byzantine chapels and communities.


Perhaps the finest ancient city available to humanity today, with a Roman, Nabatean, Byzantine, and Pagan heritage.

Kerak Castle

Built by the Crusaders, conquered by the Muslims, a gateway to knowledge of this critical time in Christian History.

Ajloun Castle

Built by the Muslims to defend against Crusader aggression.

Take a web-tour of these and other sites in Jordan. Visit: Religion and Faith in Jordan, courtesy of Jordan Tourist Board HERE

The Jesuits of Jordan invite you to consider a pilgrimage to Jordan! Virtually all the sites in Jordan are “day trips” from Amman. If you stay a week, you will have a very full experience of Jordan’s Christian heritage.If you stay two weeks, you will easily fit in trip to Jerusalem/Galilee.Of course, you may also want to visit other places for relaxation.Our preferred tour-operator stands ready to make the arrangements you desire, even on short notice.

We live in Amman, and nearby hotels are within walking distance for your daily Mass and other sacraments and prayer. English is the language used in our chapel;our work is in Arabic or English. You will also learn of the work of the Church and the Jesuits in Jordan by informal association with our priests, brothers and coworkers.

You will find it difficult to engage European or North American Tour Operators for your Pilgrimage here.However, our preferred operator can assist with electronic booking of airline tickets, our preferred hotels, and any ground tours, car rental, etc. you may want to make. Come alone, with your spouse/family, in small groups, in large groups.The people of Jordan will welcome you. The Jesuits will welcome you.

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Our Preferred Tour Operator:

As mentioned above, it can be difficult for visitors and pilgrims to make travel, hotel, and touring arrangements from Europe or the Americas. Our preferred consultants are located in Amman, Jordan and can help individuals, small groups, families, church groups, other large groups in every aspect of their planned journey. They are especially aware of the opportunities for Christian pilgrims and they know well the work of the Jesuits and the desires of Christians to attend Mass and to receive other sacraments. Please contact them directly or via the web, and mention "The Jesuit Fathers."

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